Phys Ed

Junior School Physical Education

Physical Education is compulsory for all pupils and Years 8 - 10 are timetabled for the school gymnasium. KS3 pupils have four periods of PE per week. The major games of Soccer, Gaelic Football, Rugby, Hockey and Netball are all taught. Other sports that you will cover in junior school include Athletics, Cross Country Running, Baseball/Rounders, Volley, Basketball, Dance and Fitness.

Senior School Physical Education

Years 11 and 12 have two periods of PE per week. It is usual for boys and girls to be taught together for these sessions.

Pupils are educated in the skills of various games and leisure activities, learning the rules and being given the opportunity to experience as many as possible.  There is a wide range of activities incorporating: 5-a-side soccer, Table tennis, Fitness suite, Health related PE, Hockey, Rounders, Badminton, Netball, Tennis, Basketball, Ten-pin bowling, Volleyball, Unihoc. Athletics, Tennis, Rounders, Cricket and Baseball, form the major part of summer games.