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Home Economics is one strand of ‘Learning for Life and Work’ in the Northern Ireland curriculum.  It is a subject through which many skills can be developed, in particular the practical skills involved in the planning, preparing, cooking and serving food.

Junior School Home Economics

The Key Stage 3 Home Economics curriculum is divided into 3 main areas: Healthy Eating, Family Life and Independent Living. In Year 8 we introduce each of these concepts with knowledge and skills built on each year up to Year 10.  The practical element of KS3 Home Economics aims to develop practical skills whilst encouraging a flair and passion for cooking.  We cook a variety of dishes each year with opportunities in Years 9 and 10 for personal choices and showing creativity with ingredients.

KS3 Topics

Year 8 – Welcome to Home Economics, Family Life, Deciding What to Eat, Healthy Snacks, Sugar and Consumerism.

Year 9 – Dietary Guidelines, The Life Cycle, Introduction to Consumerism and Consumer Law.

Year 10 – Nutrition & Health, The Family, Consumer Rights & Responsibilities and Nutrition through the Life Cycle.

KS3 Assessments

Year 8 – Practical Assessment, Safety & Hygiene, Needs and Family Life.

Year 9 – Dietary Guidelines, Practical Assessment and Consumerism.

Year 10 – Diet Related Disorders Presentation/Poster, Consumer Choices and Practical Assessment.

Senior School Hospitality

At key stage 4 students have the option of studying CCEA GCSE Hospitality. Through studying our GCSE in Hospitality, students develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry. In particular, they learn about:

  • how hospitality organisations operate;
  • how the hospitality industry meets people’s needs;
  • the products and services offered by the hospitality industry;
  • employment possibilities in hospitality;
  • the importance of quality and customer service in the hospitality industry;
  • basic food hygiene practices; and
  • the skills required to provide food and drink for customers.  

Students develop the core skills required for working in the hospitality industry and transferable skills that are important in working life.

Hospitality Topics

The Hospitality Industry
Hospitality and the Customer
Food and Beverage Preparation and Service

Hospitality Assessments

Summer Year 11 and Summer Year 12 Module Exams

Controlled Assessment – A Function Activity and 3 Practical Tasks.