Legends v Pupils

Brownlow Legends resumed their bitter rivalry with Brownlow Students on Wednesday 28th of March. The anticipation from it’s announcement was at fever pitch. Caretaker Manager Raymond and his old charge were determined to make it a spectacle from the first whistle. Brownlow Students were captained by Mathew Brady making his debut alongside the pick of talent available from the year 12s roster. Brownlow Legends were captained by Mr Mackay.

After an edgy start from both sides Mr Lennon opened the scoring from distance leaving the keeper with no chance to make it 1-0. The Legends took their foot off the gas thereafter and The Students capitalised on some lacklustre defending to race into a 6-1 lead. Brady, Brandon, Alberto and co. were on fire banging the goals in from all angles. Mr Gosling, who, was orchestrating attacks from the goal showed increased animation in his disappointment of the team’s performance until this point. Mr Gordon was mopping up the danger from the back and emerging forward to create some attacks rolling back the years with every touch. Miss Halliday and Brady had some quality duels throughout with each not showing signs of slowing down.

Up stepped Mr Capper to showcase his emerging ability as one of the deadliest strikers in the country to score five goals that would level the score at 6-6. Game on! The students were in inspired form however, which culminated in another fast array of attacks and ultimately lead to lots of goals for the Students. Mr Turner responded with a debut goal and overall performance which epitomised the efforts of The Legends. Both sides showed plenty of grit and desire with Yaz in inspired form for the students, in goal.

The students then went on the front foot again to go into a 15-11 lead and The Legends appeared deflated up until this point. The Legends really missed Mr McKernan at the back. Mr McKernan unavailable for this fixture due to other commitments. Not to be defeated though, the Legends knuckled down and fought with every breath. Mr Duffy and Mr Spears putting tackles in and having some nice touches. Mr Mackay completed his hat trick with another sublime finish.

Again, Mr Mackay combined wonderfully with Mr Lennon to create, universally, regarded as the goal of the game. Mr Mackay found space down the right-hand side and clipped a beautiful ball into the path of Mr Lennon, who’s diving header flew like a bullet to shake the nets of The Students once more to equalise, 15-15. Mr Lennon then took the game from the scruff of the neck to power through what looked like a worthy winner for the Legends by rifling in an arrowed finish to make the score 16-15 to The Legends.

However, that was not the end by any stretch of the imagination because Mr Lennon found space in the centre of the park to pinpoint a defence splitting through ball into the path of Mr Capper who made no mistake to cap off a memorable performance by both sides. 17-15. The game will be remembered for the debutants of Mr Duffy, Mr Spears and Mr Turner who represented the school with such distinction and can be proud of their performances.

Final Score: Legends 17 Students 15