I loved Brownlow would do anything to go back loved all the teachers & my year group.
Andr’e Flynn – Class of 2012

Even though I wasn’t the best student and thought all the teachers were out to get me, I now realise that they were all just trying to push me to do my best!
Sarah Love – Class of 2012

Brownlow Ski Trip Italy 2010 012Brownlow was like a second family. The teachers were always there for us and I will never forget the amazing time I had there. I am so lucky to have got the chance to attend such a wonderful school, nothing can compare to it. I’m so thankful for the support and guidance from all the staff and teachers, my five years at Brownlow were the best of my life!
Niamh Galway – Class of 2012

Brownlow was more like my home for five years. Its safe to say I absolutely loved it and would go back in a second. I would not have got to were I am today with out the support of my teachers and am truly grateful to every one of them! There is no other school like this, my greatest memories were made here.
Sophie Matthews – Class of 2009

I loved Brownlow. Leaving in 2013 was really sad. The teachers were so lovely. Mr O’Branoin’s PD talks were hilarious and Mr McCormacks Religion classes were always really enjoyable. Such a great school.
Cuan O’Brien – Class of 2013

Loved this school best teachers who went above and beyond to help.
Cassandra Finnegan – Class of 2004

I really enjoyed Brownlow. The banter with the teachers was always good.
Philip Magliocco – Class of 2004

I would have loved to stay at Brownlow, it wouldn’t have cost me a second thought.  I really cannot rate Brownlow Integrated College more highly.
Rachel Byers – Head Girl – Class of 2010

I can honestly say I loved every minute of my time at Brownlow, a place where I felt education and a sense of fun mixed well together, providing an excellent atmosphere in which to learn and develop. I am sure that many will agree that their time at Brownlow was fun-filled and each day better than the previous. It is definitely true when they say that your school days are the best of your life – especially considering my time at Brownlow!
Leonie Gracey – Class of 2008

2.3 argele sur merI cannot begin to express how much I loved Brownlow. It was the best school I’ve ever went to, the teachers were brilliant and were always there to help those who needed it. I have had a wonderful time at Brownlow and will have millions of memories to cherish forever. I am very grateful for having the chance to attend such a brilliant school and will never forget the amazing time I had. I cannot thank enough the teachers and other members of staff for all the help and support they gave me throughout my five years of this wonderful school and without them I wouldn’t be where I am now. Brownlow was like a second family, the teachers do such an incredible job building a strong bond with the pupils and give them all the help they need. I miss this school a lot. I honestly cannot begin to describe or rate how amazing Brownlow really is. All the teachers and other members of the staff do a tremendous job trying to help every student get through each year and come out with good grades. My five years of Bronwlow have been the best years of my life. 
Olga Petrova – Class of 2012

As Brownlow is a small and friendly environment the members of staff make a huge effort to get to know their pupils and build relationships with them. This provides the pupils with support and confidence when they need it most. The best way I could describe Brownlow would be as a family as nobody is excluded and everybody supports and makes the effort to bring out the best qualities in each other.
Claire Kelly – Class of 2009

During my time I didn’t just learn and make friends with others in my class, but I got involved in groups and made friends with family. My learning from Brownlow has inspired me for the future and I am very grateful for the contact I still have from some teachers.
Amy Hunniford – Class of 2010

At the time, you don’t listen when people tell you that your school days are the best days of your life, wish I could go back and do them over. Maybe I would have listened a little better. Brownlow was actually a really cool, close knit wee school.
Emma Nesbitt – Class of 2000

JFLP_035245One of my memories from brownlow is on the france trip in 1998 with Mr McKernan and Mrs Darrah ask him though – too long to explain.
Stephen Dowds – Class of 2001

What made Brownlow special for me was the friends I made and have remained friends till this day.
Susie Burge – Class of 1984

Wish I was back. The best days my life.
Kelly McEwan – Class of 1984

The people I made friends with and the place in general was a good place to be.
Andrew Tennant – Class of 1992

They were the best days of my life (although I didn’t know it at the time). Made friends for life there, Paul, Tracy and Pauline, you know who you are. Loved all my teachers, Miss Matthews, Mrs Kernaghan, Mr Crawford, Mr Rankin, Mr Lemon, Mr & Mrs Smith, Miss McKevitt, so many great memories. The memories. No bad memories at all. Wish it was all ahead of me instead of all behind me.
Jacqueline Gherbi – Class of 1987