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Drama is a powerful medium and therefore forms an important element of the provision offered to pupils at Brownlow Integrated College. It is also an important learning tool and is regarded as integral to the learning process throughout the curriculum.

Junior School Drama

Drama is a practical subject designed to give pupils the opportunity to work amongst each other and express themselves in a safe environment. Through drama pupils explore the world in which we live and gain indispensable skills needed for lifelong learning. Drama helps develop personal qualities such as group work, the ability to communicate and co-operate effectively with others. Building self-confidence is at the core of the subject expanding their social awareness, empathy, values and attitudes. Pupils discover the world of theatre and gain the skills needed to be an accomplished, confident performer. They will understand and participate in the creative process required to produce successful performance work and will show appreciation of the art form through personal reflection and evaluation.

KS3 Topics

Year 8
Term 1: Pirates and Pantomime
Term 2: Movement and mime
Term 3: Mask

Year 9
Term 1: page to stage and Bullying
Term 2: Simon Says and War
Term 3: Evacuees

Year 10
Term 1: Let Him Have It and Soap Opera
Term 2: Stage Fighting and The Suitcase
Term 3: Our Day Out


KS3 Assessments

Year 8
Assessment 1: Designing a Pirate Flag and Treasure Map
Assessment 2: Performance of pantomime script extract
Assessment 3: Performance of something breaks and circus act.
Assessment 4: knowledge and understanding end of year exam paper.

Year 9
Assessment 1: Presentation: Macbeth scene 1 the witches
Assessment 2: Presentation: Peer pressure scene
Assessment 3: Creating: monologue
Assessment 4: Knowledge and understanding end of year exam paper.

Year 10
Assessment 1: Presentation: Bentleys story re told
Assessment 2: creating: creation of own soap opera
Assessment 3: presenting: a scene from Our Day Out
Assessment 4: knowledge and understanding end of year exam paper.

Senior School Drama

Our GCSE in Drama is a broad and coherent course that can motivate and inspire students. It encourages them to develop a personal interest in drama and allows them to build and showcase their competence in a range of creative, practical and performance skills.

Students choose one of two pathways – performance (acting) or design (costume, lighting, multimedia, set or sound). They work creatively with others, generating, developing and communicating their ideas for a devised performance and for a scripted performance. They also explore social, historical and cultural influences on drama texts and activities.

Both the theoretical and practical elements of the course help them to become independent learners, critical thinkers with enquiring minds, and confident communicators.

KS4 Topics

Year group: Year 11  
Term 1: unit 1: Study of a play text Blood Brothers.
Term 2: unit 1: Improvised performance
Term 3: Improvised Performance

Year group: year 12
Term 1: The study of a play text Blood Brothers exam paper prep costume and rehearsal question.
Term 2: Scripted performance
Term 3: Scripted performance and exam prep question 3 acting skills.

KS4 Assessments

Year 11
Assessment 1: Costume design: Blood Brothers
Assessment 2: Rehearsal strategy question: Blood Brothers
Assessment 3: Practical: Improvised performance
Assessment 4: Log book and Appraisal: Improvised Performance

Year 12
Assessment 1: Costume question: Blood Brothers
Assessment 2: Rehearsal Strategy question: Blood Brothers
Assessment 3: GCSE Performance: Scripted
Assessment 4: GCSE written Exam