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Digital technologies are electronic tools, systems, devices and resources that generate, store or process data. These includes social media, online games and applications, multimedia, productivity applications, cloud computing, interoperable systems and mobile devices.

Within the ICT Department here in Brownlow Integrated College we promote Digital Learning in all ICT Classes and across the school. Digital learning occurs across all learning areas and domains. It encompasses the application of a wide spectrum of practices including:

  • blended and virtual learning
  • game-based learning
  • accessing digital content
  • collaborating locally and globally
  • assessment and reporting online
  • active participation in online communities
  • using technology to connect, collaborate, curate and create.
ICT Department

Junior School ICT

We deliver discrete ICT Classes to all Year 8 and Year 10 Pupils as part of their weekly curriculum. At both Years 8 and 10 we introduce pupils to main levels of progression and skills that they will acquire when using Digital Technologies which include the 5 E’s: Explore, Express, Exchange, Evaluate and Exhibit.

Key Stage 3 ICT Levels

Year 8 Topics

Multimedia Presentation
Online Safety
Scratch Game Design
Minecraft Education
Movie Making

Year 8 Assessments

Assessment 1 – Presentation
Assessment 2 – HTML
Assessment 3 – Scratch
Assessment 4 – iMovie

Year 10 Topics

Game Maker Game Design
Python Programming
Raspberry Pi
Introduction to GCSE Digital Technology

Year 10 Assessments

Assessment 1 – Spreadsheets
Assessment 2 – Game Design
Assessment 3 – Python
Assessment 4 – Raspberry Pi

Senior School ICT

At Key Stage 4 we offer GCSE Digital Technology and GCSE Business Communication Systems. Over the Years we have celebrated an outstanding amount of A and A* Grades within this field of study. Through studying these GCSE Subjects pupils are equipped with the skills to enter further education or employment within the ICT Industry which provides worldwide opportunities.

Digial Technology Topics

Unit 1 - Digital Technology
Unit 2 - Digital Authoring Concepts
Unit 3 - Digital Authoring Practice

Digital Tech Assessments

Unit 1 - External Written Exam (30%)
Unit 2 - External Written Exam (40%)
Unit 3 - Controlled Assessment (30%)

BCS Topics

Unit 1 - Software Applications for Business
Unit 2 - The Business Environment
Unit 3 - Developing Digital Solutions

BCS Assessments

Unit 1 - External Computer Exam (40%)
Unit 2 - External Written Exam (35%)
Unit 3 - Controlled Assessment (25%)