ICT Club

In Brownlow Integrated College ICT is a very important part of school life.   ICT is widely used within all subjects in the college. We have five fully equipped ICT Suites and three cluster points throughout the college. We believe that ICT is extremely important in all of our everyday lives.

Within our ICT/Digital technology department we have a firm belief that ICT Should be fun and enjoyable.

We give our pupils the opportunity to explore a range of technologies within a number of settings. They can explore:

  • Programming
  • Gaming
  • Graphic design
  • Website Design
  • Film Making

To facilitate the development of pupil understanding and use of all the technologies available we have a number of ICT Extra Curricular Activities:

  • ICT Breakfast Club
  • Gaming Club (Computer Game Design)
  • Minecraft
  • Website Design Club
  • Animation / Movie Making with Green Screen Club
  • Primary School Cluster Groups