Maths Club

Under the guidance of Mr Weir, Mr Irwin and Mr McKernan, the Maths club continues to be enjoyed by a number of pupils from all year groups. There are a range of activities on offer:

Maths Revision Classes
The Maths department offer extra revision classes throughout the year for targeted students and those who require support in their class work, homework, internal assessments or external exams.

Year 8 Numeracy Club
A Numeracy Programme is held for some of our year 8 students. During this programme student get one to one assistance with numeracy. Students are partnered by some of our year 11 or 12 pupils and the programme is closely monitored and supervised by staff. The programme normally takes place during term 2.

Essential Skills
The Essential Skills qualification is offered to pupils in addition to GCSE Maths in year 12. We have been working closely with the Southern Regional College to deliver the level 2 qualification to some of our year 12. Due to its success at Brownlow this model was offered to a number of other schools during the academic year. Essential Skills are nationally accredited qualifications available throughout Northern Ireland and are available at the following levels:

• Entry Level Numeracy
• Level 1 and 2 Application of Number

Essential skills tasks are designed to be relevant and interesting. The essential skills qualifications aim to reward and motivate learners and improve students’ opportunities.

UKMT Challenges
The Intermediate competition is for the top year 11 and 12 pupils and the Junior competition is for the top year 8 and 9 pupils, usually taking place in February and May. The competition is organised through the University of Leeds with the aim of promoting thinking and problem solving skills and mathematical reasoning. Certificates are awarded to the best pupils.


The CPD Transition Project in Literacy and Numeracy
The KS2-KS3 Literacy and Numeracy CPD Transition Project aim is to deliver teacher professional learning with a literacy and numeracy focus, enabling schools to enhance and improve transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3. Working with three of our feeder primary schools, Ballyoran, Tullygally and Drumgor our projects aims are:

• To develop stronger links with feeder primary schools, especially in Literacy and Numeracy.
• To share good practice, share resources and plan teaching strategies for easier transition of pupils.

We also run a very successful transition day in January for the primary 6 and 7 pupils. During the day pupils experience school life, taking part in a number of lessons in mathematics and English.