Pride Month

June is known as Pride month and as we come to the end of Pride Month, we have an exciting announcement for you and your families.
Carafriend have invited Brownlow Integrated College to march with their organisation in the Pride Parade this summer under their United Schools Banner and will be marching with other schools attending the parade. The parade is Saturday 30th July 2022 will be beginning at 1pm. All pupils and their families are invited to join us. We are arranging anyone who would like to join us to meet outside the Europa Hotel at 11.30-11.45am and we will escort you to the Pride Event. This is a family event and not a school trip. Pupils will need to attend with their guardians and family members, making their own arrangements to the meeting point and home again. Families are welcomed to stay at the festival and enjoy the festivities at their own leisure. We look forward to seeing you. Happy Pride!

More information about the event can be found on