House Competition

Throughout the school year, our three school Houses compete for the accolade of House Champions. Antrim, Mourne and Sperrin take part in a number of fiercely contested sporting activities which then earn them points for the overall total. The current house champions for 2016/2017 are ANTRIM. Each house is lead by a house Mistress and Master as well as house captains and vice captains.

House Masters and Mistresses


Mr J Weir and Mrs F Darrah



Mr T Irwin and Mrs P Quinn



Mr D Wright and Mrs R Norton

House Captains and Vice Captains


Lewis Blanton and Chelsea Bell

Vice Captains:
Ryan Green and Alicia Millar


James Jefferson and Lada Lackcova

Vice Captains:
Tiernan Tennyson and Remi Fenner


Martynas Matalevicius and Shannon Morrow

Vice Captains:
Sam Mustoe and Cheyene Brown

Competitions 2017 / 18

Boys Football

Term 1

Swimming Gala

Mon 26th March 2018

Girs Netball

Term 1

Sports Day

Wed 20th June 2018

Boys Mini Games

Thurs 8th Feb 2018

Points So Far

Antrim = 0 pts
Mourne = 0 pts
Sperrin = 0 pts

Girls Dance

Thur 8th Feb 2018

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