Maths Roadshow

Pat Jamison of SENTINUS delivered another very successful Fun Maths Event to our KS3 pupils. Pupils were given the opportunity to work in pairs and attempt a huge variety of maths problems that tested their ability to work together and their ability to think logically.

In an age of aptitude testing for employment this event enabled pupils to display and develop their numeracy and thinking skills which are essential in today’s competitive job market.

year 8 winners 1
Year 8 Winners: David Winter and Tiernan Tennyson
year 8 winners 2
Year 8 Winners: 1st David Winter, Tiernan Tennyson, 2nd Dixie Jo McNally, Alicia Millar, 3rd Ryan Green, Zia Akram, Cheyenne Brown
year 9 winners 1
Year 9 Winners: Joel Madill and Dylan McAloran
year 9 winners 2
Year 9 Winners: 1st Joel Madill and Dylan McAloran, 2nd Justyna Stabyla, Katie Hawthorne, 3rd Molly Downey, Dilyay Niyazi, Ben Hawthorne
year 10 winners 1
Year 10 Winners: Matthew Wheatley and Michael McGuigan
year 10 winners 2
Year 10 Winners: 1st Matthew Wheatley, Michael McGuigan, 2nd Amy Jackson, Beth Martin, 3rd Karina Lapere, Roisin Reid