Maths Club

Under the guidance of Mr Weir, Mr Irwin and Mr McKernan, the Maths club continues to be enjoyed by a number of pupils from all year groups. There are a range of activities on offer:

Throughout the year the Maths department offer extra revision classes for students who need support in their class work, homework, internal assessments or external exams.

As part of our Numeracy Strategy the Maths department have set up a Numeracy Programme for targeted year 8 students.  During the numeracy programme students get one to one assistance with numeracy. Students are partnered by some of our year 12 prefects and the programme is monitored and supervised carefully by the Head of Department. The programme takes place during term 2 of year 8.

STEM Puzzle Day
Over the last few years Year 8 students have taken part in a STEM puzzle day during term 3. Through a variety of puzzles students are given the opportunity to win prizes, work in pairs, think logically and develop their maths skills. We hope that this event becomes a yearly event in the school calendar.

The Essential Skills qualification is offered to pupils in addition to or as an alternative to GCSE Maths in Year 11 and Year 12. Essential skills are nationally accredited qualifications available throughout Northern Ireland and are available at the following levels: Entry Level Numeracy / Level 1 and 2 Application of Number. Essential skills tasks are designed to be relevant and interesting. The essential skills qualifications aim to reward and motivate learners and improve their opportunities.

The maths department has secured funding to enable some Year 12 pupils to receive personal tuition in Maths. It is an 8 to 10 week programme, in term 2, that is lead by an external tutor and focuses on exam paper techniques.

Each year our school enters the Junior and the Intermediate UKMT Maths Challenges. Over 600,000 pupils from over 4,000 schools throughout the UK enter these competitions.

These competitions are organised by the Mathematics Department at the University of Leeds.  Their aims are to promote problem solving skills and to find, at any early age, pupils who have excellent thinking skills and mathematical reasoning.  It is because of this that the target audience is the top 30% of pupils in the UK.

Each competition takes the form of 25 multiple choice questions.  The pupils have sixty minutes to complete as many questions as possible.  All of the questions require excellent logic and reasoning skills and a firm grasp of basic mathematics.  The first 15 questions are worth five marks each, and the last 10 questions are worth six marks each.  In order to prevent guess work, incorrect answers loose a mark.  Pupils are not allowed to use calculators, rulers, protractors or any other mathematical aids.

The top 40% of the pupils entered will receive a certificate (ie the top 12% of the pupils in the UK). Gold certificates are awarded to the top 6%, silver awarded to the next 14% with bronze certificates to the remaining 20%.  Usually pupils who achieve a gold certificate are invited to take part in further elite competitions.

The Intermediate competition is for top Year 12 pupils and the Junior competition is for the top year 9 pupils.  In our school, we also allow some of our best year 11 and year 8 pupils to enter these competitions, respectively.  The Intermediate competition usually takes place in February with the Junior competition in May.