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All pupils study Careers Education for one period per week in each of their five years in Brownlow. Our aims are: to help pupils get onto the correct pathway, to develop the skills and qualities of our pupils, to get our pupils ready for life after BIC and to help them make the correct career choices. As a department, we have links with outside agencies including Young Enterprise, Sentinus, the Army and the Careers Service. All of these agencies help to give the pupils a more all-round careers education experience.

Classroom Topics

Year 8
Employability skills, qualities and values
Being enterprising
My town

Year 9
The work generator
21st century entrepreneurship

Year 10
Reap the awards
My choices
It's all about you

Year 11
What are my options?
The right move

Year 12
Work experience preparation
Effective workplace practice
Pupil record of achievement

Careers Education Department

Careers Options

You have 5 options when you leave BIC:

  1. A-Levels
  2. Further Education College
  3. Apprenticeship
  4. Job
  5. Job Skills