At Brownlow Integrated College we have a team of dedicated staff members that strive to make sure every pupil achieves their potential during their time at Brownlow:

Mr S Creber: Principal
Mr A Downard: Vice Principal, Teacher of LLW
Miss V Bowman: Curriculum Leader, Head of ICT
Mr M Callender: Pastoral Care Director, Teacher of English
Mrs J Thompson: Mentoring Programme Leader, Head of Year, Head of Science

Dr R Blaney: Teacher of English
Mr J Brankin: Head of History
Miss S Craig: Head of Home Economics / Hospitality
Mrs F Darrah: Head of French, Newcomer Student Coordinator
Miss K Gilmore: Teacher of Science
Mr S Gordon: Head of Careers Eduction, Website Coordinator
Mr P Gosling: Teacher of Physical Education
Miss C Hilladay: Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs J Kerr: Teacher of Religious Education
Mrs W Kinley:
Head of Drama
Mr T Irwin: Teacher of Maths
Mr T McCormack: Head of Religious Education
Mr K McKernan: Exams Officer, Teacher of Maths
Mrs R Norton: Extended Schools Coordinator, Head of Year, Head of Music
Mr C O’Braonain: Head of Geography
Mr S Porter: Teacher of Science
Mrs N Murray: Head of Year, Head of English, Literacy Coordinator
Mrs M Quigley: Head of Physical Eduction
Miss K Quinn: SENCO, Head of LLW
Mrs P Quinn: SENCO, Head of Technology & Design
Mr A Smyth: Head of Year, Head of Art & Design
Mr J Weir: Head of Year, Head of Maths, Numeracy Coordinator
Mr D Wright: Teacher of English

Mrs M Cairns: Clerical Officer
Miss K Campbell: Classroom Assistant
Mrs L Campbell: Classroom Assistant
Mrs R Dennison: Senior Executive Officer
Mrs J Devine: Clerical Officer
Mrs J Fitzsimmons: Home Economics Technician
Miss L Fitzsimons: Science  / Technology Technician
Mrs P Green: Classroom Assistant
Mrs M Green: Classroom Assistant
Mrs G Halfpenny: Classroom Assistant
Miss J Lappin: Classroom Assistant
Mr R Loughran: Caretaker
Mrs D McRoberts: Classroom Assistant
Mrs J Rooney: Classroom Assistant
Mrs E Walker: Classroom Assistant
Mrs A Watson: Classroom Assistant