Year Group 12

Mr A Downard
Head of Year 12

Welcome to Year 12...

In Brownlow Integrated College, we have 3 form classes in Year 12. On this page you will find out information on our year head and form teachers. You also have direct links to the subjects that we study in Year 12.

Mr J Brankin
12L Form Teacher

Mr S Porter
12E Form Teacher

Mrs T Flynn
12M Form Teacher

Assessment Weeks 2019/20

(1) Monday 7th - Friday 11th October

(2) Monday 2nd - Friday 6th December

(3) Monday 2nd - Thursday 6th March

(4) Monday 8th - Friday 12th June

Mentoring Dates 2019/20

(1) Friday 24th October

(2) Friday 14th February

(3) Wednesday 3rd April

House Competition Dates 2019/20

Boys Football / Girls Netball - Term 1

Boys Mini Game / Girls Dance - Thurs 13th Feb

Swimming Gala - Monday 6th April

Sports Day - Wednesday 17th June