Gardening Club

The Extended Schools Gardening Club welcomes all staff and pupils to the greenhouse where they can work together learning to grow their own flowers and vegetables of their own choosing. Favourite choices are sunflowers, tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkin, broad beans, sweet pea, petunia and pansy. We upcycle used tyres and discarded wooden pallets into planters. The pupils are equipped with their own gardening tools. The skills they learn can be implemented into home life while combining and enhancing knowledge from cross- curricular subjects such as Science, Home Economics and Geography.

The gardening club reflects and enriches their curriculum education in a hands-on practical approach  providing a nurturing and therapeutic alternative club for everyone particularly those who are not sports or academic orientated. This year the club will run with Miss Bowman after school every Friday until 4pm during the winter months with extra days in the spring yet to be determined.

Mrs Dennison, Breakfast Club Coordinator