Maja Accepted To Georgetown

Our former Head Girl Maja Ochojska recently learned that she has gained a scholarship to the prestigious Georgetown University in Washington DC where she will study an undergraduate liberal arts degree.

Maja spoke to us about her dream move to the United States: “I have until my second year to declare a major. At the moment I am thinking about politics or economics. Right now I am studying politics, history and maths for A-Levels”. Maja continued: I move to Washington in late August.

Her journey to the USA began when Maja applied with help from The Sutton Trust. Following her application and impressive interview she was offered a Peace scholarship in the name of Father Pedro Arrupe. To put it into context, Maja’s scholarship pays for her University fees, food, transport, accommodation and insurance. It’s a pretty big deal.

Maja left BIC in 2017 with 4A*s, 5As and 1B in her GCSEs. She progressed to Lurgan College where she is studying A-Levels. Her brother, Igor, is our current Head Boy and he is deep in preparation for his GCSEs at the moment.

Congratulations Maja. We couldn’t be more proud of you and wish you every success for the future.