KS4 Parent- Teacher Meeting

KS4 Parent- Teacher Meeting: Tues 12th April 1pm to 4pm

We have had two very successful Mentoring Days in the months of November 2021 and February 2022, both of which were really well supported by years 11 and 12 pupils and parents – thank you!

We would now like to invite you to attend a parent-teacher meeting Tuesday 12th April, between 1pm and 4pm. This will allow you the opportunity to have face-to-face meetings with your son/daughter’s individual teachers and receive valuable subject specific information and guidance in advance of the forthcoming GCSE Terminal examinations (year 12) and GCSE Module examinations (year 11).

We very much appreciate and value the role of the Parent in supporting their child’s education and we would strongly encourage you to make a note of this date and aim to support your child by attending this meeting with them.

In order to maintain appropriate distancing during these face-face meetings we will have three different meeting areas in use on the day – the assembly hall, the school canteen and the Drama studio. On your arrival to school you will be advised as to where the different subject areas are located. We would kindly ask, if you are able, to wear a face covering inside school and during your face-to-face meetings.

As this will be the last parent-teacher meeting at Brownlow College for our current year 12 pupils I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and pupils for their invaluable support and co-operation over the last number of years – by working together we have been able to fully support your son/daughter both in school and from home and we believe that together we have made a difference!

Please complete the reply slip below and return to your son/daughter’s form teacher.

Mrs J Thompson
Inclusion in Education Co-ordinator


Pupil Name: _______________________________ Class: _____________

I will / will not* be attending the Parent – Teacher meeting, Tues 12th April, 2022.
(*delete as appropriate)

Signed: ______________________________________ (Parent / Guardian)