Discover Mountains. Discover Friends

The Ramble Club was established in 2016 and has successfully engaged all year groups in hill walking activities. Excursions include; Annalong Valley, Blue Lough, Doan, Ben Crom Reservoir, Hare’s Castle and a 12 mile walk along the North Coast. Staff, pupils and parents have the opportunity to share an appreciation for the unique countryside of Northern Ireland.

There are different levels of capability required and we try our best to ensure everyone is catered for. There is one residential and typically 6 Rambles during the academic year. The activities are funded by Extended Schools Program. The ramble club meets on a Saturday. For more information, including info on the next trip speak with Mrs Norton.

Our Ramblers committee aims to let people achieve great achievements in life in an enjoyable, healthier, and educational way. Rambles are enjoyable because they bring people together. You can socialise in a better and more natural way that doesn’t involve phones, games, computers, or social media. It involves the good old way of talking.

Our rambles allow you to become better friends with people that you know or even with people from different age groups. The rambles are healthy because they bring you, (you could say) into a new and untouched world where the air is clean and healthy, where the landscapes are beautiful, and where you can discover your capabilities. Rambles also provide with education. Our Chairman Mr Creber shares his knowledge with the Ramblers and gives them brief description about what happened on the landscapes or how mountains got their names.

Matus Jurina, 10L