Aspire & Reach

Aspire NI
Wednesday 19th December saw a group of our Aspire NI pupils heading to Belfast for a trip to the Christmas Markets followed by lunch in the city.

Aspire is a fantastic support to pupils in their work and trying to reach and exceed their potential through dedicated mentors who support learning and personal development after school hours. They are a very important partner to us in Brownlow Integrated College and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for all they do. Thanks to all the volunteers and to Mark and Butters for organising, generously funding and providing transport for us today. We really enjoyed it. Happy Christmas to you all.

Reach Mentoring
Reach Mentors are a crucial part of our pastoral care work in Brownlow Integrated College. Each Monday a dedicated team of 9 mentors come in and work with our pupils and provide invaluable support, guidance and personal development work. We are indebted to them for their vision, support, and commitment to the pupils and the school. To Tim and his team- Gareth Aaron, Sophie, Gemma, Ross, Jonny, Matthew and Mark, we say a heartfelt thanks for all that you do. We value our partnership with you all. Happy Christmas from all at BIC.