£4,600 for Cure4Cam!!!

Our focus for fundraising this year has been, a charity very close to our hearts, Cure4Cam. In the first term we have collected an impressive total of £4,600. We would like to thank all the children, parents and staff for being so supportive of Cameron’s cause and very generous with their time and donations.

  • Wristband sales – £476.00
  • Bucket collections – £714.15
  • Coffee Morning – £550.00
  • Mr Callender (Beard-Off) – £900.00
  • Terex Donation – £660.00
  • Mr Wright (10km run) – £50.00
  • Mrs Darrah (1,000 kicks) – £600.00
  • Kieran Corr (Strictly Craigavon Dancing) – £500.00
  • Pupil Christmas Jumper Day – £149.85

Brownlow is very grateful for support from the wider community including Terex Corporation in Silverwood and Kieran Corr of MADS Craigavon. Information for our next round of fundraising for Cure4Cam will be updated on our Facebook page in the New Year. We wish everybody in our big Brownlow family and happy and peaceful Christmas!

Mrs Crick and Mrs Kinley