PE Kit & Tracksuit Clarification

Pupils were permitted to wear their own track suits to school until 30th September. However, to give parents more time to purchase the school track suit and PE kit, this was extended until the half term break.

When pupils return to school on Monday 2nd November they should wear their PE kit and tracksuit to school on days when they have PE only. If black leggings are to be worn, they must be worn below the school shorts or skort. They cannot be worn on their own. If a pupil does not have a school tracksuit, we would encourage them to purchase one from the link below. Failing that, black tracksuit bottoms and black tracksuit top will be accepted. No other colour.

On other non PE days, full school uniform, including black shoes, should be worn.

If you require items of school PE kit, these can be ordered using this link

The school has a limited amount of stock for pupils in Year 9 to Year 12. Please check with PE staff for items before ordering online. Please note that full PE kit must be worn in to and during PE, no other shirts including football tops and/or Gaelic shirts are permitted.

All Year 8 orders placed online prior to half term will be completed on the day pupils come back to school.