Icthus End of Year Bash

Wednesday 29th May saw Icthus pupils and staff enjoying their end of year bash – with cake, crisps and fizzy pop! 2018-19 was another busy, but extremely rewarding, year for Icthus pupils and staff with the Christian Club continuing to be well supported by pupils over each of the lunchtime sessions. Thanks are given to staff members who willingly give of their own time each week and over the Icthus weekend – Miss Craig, Mr Wright and Mrs Thompson.

Staff and pupils have very much enjoyed the fellowship and fun each lunchtime, exploring the Christian faith and its relevance to our lives today. We have enjoyed the company of a number of guest speakers throughout the year and our thanks are expressed to all who came in to meet with our pupils.

We had our usual extra bashes and parties – pizza days, hot chocolate and of course the Belfast Christmas Markets. The highlight of the Icthus Calendar is our weekend residential at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. We took away a good number of pupils again and were delighted to be supported by Mark Knox and Jonathan Matthews from Cara Craigavon over the weekend. All enjoyed the fun, games and study sessions over the weekend and all came away very blessed by our time together.

Our Icthus pupils have played a huge part in our Christmas and Easter Services with all involved in some shape or form. I know the Icthus staff are always so pleased and proud to see our pupils standing up and taking part in these whole school events – no mean feat to stand up in front of an assembly hall full of people!

That just leaves us to thank everyone, pupils, staff and parents for supporting Icthus over this year!