BFF Invitation

Dear Parent / Guardian

We are writing to invite you to the first BFF (Brownlow Family and Friends) meeting of this academic year, Wednesday 3rd October at 7pm in the staffroom of the school.  The BFF group in school is an excellent way of bringing parents, teachers and the local community together to raise funds and support the school and we really hope as many parents as possible can join us on that evening.

The agenda for this first meeting is outlined below:

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. The Role of BFF in the School
  3. Recap of last year – events and end of year finances
  4. Nominations for Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer
  5. Event Planning for 2018-19
  6. AOB

Please be assured that the meetings are very relaxed, informal with plenty of craic!– good discussion over a cup of tea or coffee!

Yours sincerely,