Anti Social Behaviour

Please see attached letter from our friends at the Brownlow Neighbourhood Policing Team…

Anti Social Behaviour, Alcohol and Drugs

Message to Parents

Thankfully the majority of young people in the community are not known to police for the wrong reasons and I believe this is a credit to parents and the young people themselves.

Over the summer months please be  aware of what your young people are doing and who they are with. The summer and good weather usually increases reports of Anti-Social Behaviour. A significant amount of these reports involve young people. Some of the behaviour is innocent and misunderstood while there are other incidents that are born out of mischief and malice.

Alcohol and Drugs – this is most definitely a contributing factor to anti-Social behaviour and unusual and out of character behaviour resulting. In real terms the young people often leave themselves extremely vulnerable in these circumstances and the risks involved cannot be measured or overstated.

The consequences of such behaviour have a ripple effect on the offender, their peers and the local community with “behaviour breeding more behaviour!”

Some of the impact includes – Fear of Crime, Victim of Crime, Damage to Property, Assault, Debt, Addiction, Theft and Burglary. Criminal offences will have a direct impact on future education, employment and travel.

Only last night police are dealing with a young person for burglary and arson, a young person that we have engaged with and attempted to disrupt and divert for several years but yet still intent on damaging the community and ultimately themselves.

Message to Students

“Show me your friends and I will show you your future!” –

So important we pick our friends wisely. If we get it wrong they will bring you on a journey that will go further than you intend or want to go.

You know what is right and wrong and it is important not only for you not to get involved in something that is risky but a good friend would also try and steer their mates and give them good advice.  Don’t be afraid to seek help from your parent or someone responsible, we are all only one decision away from a risky one so often good to take advice beforehand and support each other.

Have a good summer, enjoy yourselves safely and responsibly and get ready for a new term in September.

Sergeant Alwyn Peters
Brownlow Neighbourhood Policing Team